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My Worthy Thirties

I’ve come to an age where when people ask me how old I am, I pause.  I often honestly have to think to remember.  My impulse response is to say 26 because that is about how old I feel (though … Continue reading

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4 Years Strong

Happy 4th anniversary, baby.  I look forward to our wine-and-board games-and-chats date nights with anticipation and longing each week.  I just love hanging out with you.  You are thoughtful, considerate, and hard working.  Besides being a wonderful husband, you are also an … Continue reading

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To Consume or Not Consume

  Unconsciously I’ve been struggling with the need-want trap lately.  I’ve been making copious “I need…” lists in my head.  They go something like this: I need new jogging pants. I need new tank tops. I need a gel manicure. I need … Continue reading

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3 Things About My Kids That Crack Me Up

Jumping in with my friend Salma’s 3 Things Thursday , here are: 3 Things About My Kids That Crack Me Up 1)  When I was growing up, I had imaginary friends – a crazy amount of them actually according to the tales.  Heaven help the … Continue reading

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Kids’ Room Decor: Q’s Height Chart

I made C’s height chart when he was 8 months.  Q’s, however, was still just an idea as of a month ago.  I knew I wanted to go with an ocean theme but that was about as far as I had gotten.  As … Continue reading

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Chaos Management: Busy Bags

In all of the busy-ness of life lately, I’ve been really appreciative of any (non-tv) independent activities I can find for C.  So when one of my parenting groups suggested a meet-up to exchange toddler busy bags, I was all over that.  … Continue reading

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Me time and Wine Pie

    Life has been crazy busy lately. In the busy-ness, it is easy to do just what I have done: lose sight of my priorities. So it was perfect timing when some girlfriends and I got together this past … Continue reading

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