Me time and Wine Pie



Life has been crazy busy lately. In the busy-ness, it is easy to do just what I have done: lose sight of my priorities. So it was perfect timing when some girlfriends and I got together this past weekend to do life pie charts (if you don’t know what these are, click here to see a post on one). Add in appies and wine and you have your self a wine pie party!

I’ve never done a life pie chart before in a group.  After we did our charts, we discussed them.  It was so great to hear how others determined their strengths and weakness in given areas and to have feedback on my deliberations.  It was also an interesting exercise to have to put my thoughts into words.  Coming from a bit of a lost place, this was valuable in terms of helping me formulate a strong plan forward.

I kept with my eight sliced pie but I changed the titles a bit.  The sections I had this time around were: Finances, Work, Romance, Family/Children, Friends/Connections, Exercise/Health/Energy, Motivation/Inspiration/Spirituality, and Me Time/Creative Development.  The last two were two of the lowest scores this time around.  When I realise I am not doing well in an area, my problem-solving-self kicks in and starts to make goals.

For my Motivation/Inspiration/Spirituality wedge, my goals forward include:

Create: For me, the best way out of a creative slump is to create, even when it is the last thing I feel like doing.  I don’t have to start grand, like taking on a canvas, it can be something simple like working on C and Q’s baby books by adding and colouring the pictures in them or setting the alarm for 15 minutes and sketching an object in my house.

Be open and observant: When I remember to be open and to observe I can find inspiration almost anywhere.  As a fall back for finding inspiration, I flip through books on the works of my favourite artists.  Then I try to create a sketch of something in their style.  This is particularly fun with an artist like Picasso, for example, as you can just go for it and not worry about realism or perspective.

Walk:  I find this is great thinking and observing time.  While on walks, I notice patterns in pinecones and colours and shading in leaves, for example.  I also am moving slower and so notice other people and what they are doing more which leads to mental notes about story ideas or patterns of behaviour that I find interesting.  It also just refreshes my soul.

For my Me Time/Creative Development:

Book time: Sometimes there are just so many fun family things we want to do that I forget to carve out some me time.  Then before I know it, the week is done!  If I book the time, then I plan the fun stuff around that me time and, in the end, our whole family is actually all better off because of it.

Watch videos: I’ve fallen behind on my on-line painting course.  In every video I come away with a new technique to try or a new artist supply to try out.  So my aim is to watch even half an hour of a video a week over the month of July.


My type-A-personality feels better.  I have a plan.  I am ready to put my best foot forward, get back on track, and create:)

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4 Responses to Me time and Wine Pie

  1. salmadinani says:

    The pie chart is such an interesting idea. I know that there are some parts that are important to me that I need to work on more as well.

  2. Rebekah says:

    Check out
    This is a blog that I follow. It looks like you two would get along well.
    Have a nice day.

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