Chaos Management: Busy Bags

In all of the busy-ness of life lately, I’ve been really appreciative of any (non-tv) independent activities I can find for C.  So when one of my parenting groups suggested a meet-up to exchange toddler busy bags, I was all over that.  We chose activities off this site:

Here’s what I came home with:

Busy bagsThese are two of the busy bags.  The white plate has a circle with the letters of the alphabet around the rim.  There are corresponding clothes pegs with each of the letters of the alphabet on them.  The object is for the child to match the correct clothes peg to the same letter on the plate.

The red wheel activity is similar except it works on number concepts.  It’s a bit of a trickier task because it doesn’t just work on matching: this activity involves number correspondence.  The child has to count the dots and then figure out which number peg is the correct match.

Busy bags IIStarting with the activity on the upper left, this busy bag involves organising coloured beads into the corresponding colour section in a divided container.  Best to do this activity on a tray because those beads sure can roll!  I like this activity as it works on categorising and fine motor skills.

The game on the top right works on number correspondence again.  This one involves cards with various numbers of stickers.  The object is to match the number lid to the correct card.

The shape circles activity on the bottom can be used to either play a matching game or a memory game.

Busy bags IIIWhile I was working on my busy bags, I happened to come across some similar activities in one of my teaching books.  Unfortunately, due to lock out and strike, I can’t currently properly give credit to what book as I can’t remember and it’s in my classroom.

These activities are both matching activities.  The one on the left has farm animals on the plate and baby animals on the clothes pegs.

The one on the right is about colours.  I made the words on the pegs in the same colour and added a patch of colour to assist with matching but it could be made harder by having the words just all in black.

Busy bags IVThe activity on the top right is from the same book as the ones just above (the one in my classroom).  On the plate there are numbers from 1 to 10 and the child needs to match the correctly numbered clothes peg.

I then made two more number correspondence activities as accurate counting can be a tricky concept that needs lots of practice.  One plate has just 1 to 5 and the other plate has 1 to 10.

So far C has the 1 to 5 plate pretty down but counting the higher numbers is more difficult.  One to be successful at and one to work on:)

Busy bags QOf course, whatever C does, Q wants to do.  However, the toddler activities are all above her abilities as of yet so I made bags of stuff for her that I hoped were similar enough to satisfy her:)

For one of Q’s activities, I have lids with stickers on them and cards with words.  The cards do make a sentence but she just likes taking them out of the bag and then putting them back in – over and over.

Another activity she LOVES is simply some pom-poms in a baby food jar.  Again she repeatedly takes them out and then puts them back in (until C steals them and hides them somewhere – a whole other “fun” activity).

Q at work


There are more crazy months ahead of us so I’d love to hear other busy activities for 1.5 – 3 year olds…

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3 Responses to Chaos Management: Busy Bags

  1. Holly says:

    Busy bags are great and quiet books. My daughter loves her quiet books.

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