3 Things About My Kids That Crack Me Up

Jumping in with my friend Salma’s 3 Things Thursday , here are:

3 Things About My Kids That Crack Me Up

Baby birds

1)  When I was growing up, I had imaginary friends – a crazy amount of them actually according to the tales.  Heaven help the person who closed the door before all of them had time to follow me in.  My son (3 years old) has imaginary friends too.  Well, sort of.  His “friends” are imaginary baby birds!  Seriously, what other child has ever come up with this and how on earth did mine?!

2)  When we are out for a walk, my 18 month old repeatedly calls out “dada” to most men we pass from teenagers to the elderly.  The funniest time was when we were in the mall and Q was pointing and calling out “dada” over and over super enthusiastically and loudly at a kid who was probably about 16 years old.  Don’t know who was wishing the floor would swallow them up more, me or poor the kid!

3) In our house when we drape blankets over tables, you might think, “Oh, they are building a fort.”  However, do not try to say that to my son.  He will very clearly and emphatically correct you.  It is not a fort, it is a nest.  And don’t you forget it!  Oh, and make sure to have enough room for a whole lot of baby birds.

Bonus giggle:  When asked his name, my son gives himself the middle name of Lightning McQueen:)


It’s good kids come up with stuff like this.  It balances out the times you want to rip out your hair over the not-so-amusing other behaviours they sometimes come up with, like tantrums or high pitch screaming competitions for no apparent reason.  Perhaps I should come up with a sister list: 3 Thing My Kids Do That I Swear Are Done To Send Me To The Looney Bin:)

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8 Responses to 3 Things About My Kids That Crack Me Up

  1. Jenny says:

    Hee, hee… 🙂

  2. Sarita G says:

    This post made me laugh. I had imaginary friends too! And my two year old calls random men daddy as well…. including our neighbour ;S


  3. salmadinani says:

    Totally made me laugh out loud! So adorable. Really happy to have you linking up Renata!

  4. Cath Hay says:

    That is awesome. Three things about your kids which cracked me up too!
    Toby used to sit in the grocery cart loudly repeating, “Oh! Excuse me! I fawted!!”

    • Ha, ha! So great! Hopefully you don’t blush at the drop of a hat like I do! Then my kid would be announcing he farted and I’d be blazing red – we’d be such a pair wandering around the grocery store!

  5. sarahjmir says:

    loved reading these – your son is so freaking adorable!

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