Kids Decor: Fairy Painting

Q's crib paintings

I’ve gotten the painting bug lately. Perhaps in part because of a painting night I attended held by West Coast Creative (I plan to write more on the event in another post). One of the projects I’ve been working on are some paintings for above Q’s crib like the ones I made for C that match his wall clings.  For Q, who is surrounded in her brother’s cars and trucks, I went the other way and did a fairytale theme.

C's bed paintings

C’s bed paintings

Like in the pictures I made for C, I associated a word with each of the images.  I chose words I feel suggest a strong attribute: believe, explore, grow, see possibilities.

To make the paintings I first did undercoats that had some texturing to them.  Then I drew the images with pencil.  Afterwards I traced the lines with a black Sharpe pen before filling them in with paint.  After painting, I re-trace over my Sharpe lines to make the lines really stand out.

Q's quatro pics

Q's quatro pics 2

As a final touch I added in details (my favourite part is the doodling:)

Forest fairy detailsTo do the details I use Sharpe paint pens.  They are really fun doodling tools.  They are just like a Sharpe (so easy to use) but have paint instead of ink in them.  There are oil based ones and water colour ones.  I have the water colour ones.  The great thing about the water colour ones is if you make a mistake you simply wet a paper towel and wipe off the marks you made.  The one thing to watch out for about them is that you can smudge them and they can run if you try to paint over the lines.

For details on the forest fairy I added blue dots to the wings and white ones to the skirt.  I added blue dots to her ankle as well to suggest jewelry.  To her dress I also added some swirls to give the skirt some detailing.

Tooth fairy detailsFor detailing for the Tooth Fairy, I used the blue pen to put dots on her wings and the white pen to put dots on her crown.  I made red dots around her neck to suggest a necklace and red swirls to add detailing to her skirt.

I also really like how the Tooth Fairy’s shirt worked out.  To do this effect I used translucent acrylic paints.  With translucent acrylic paints you can still see some of the colour beneath so it makes it seem more of a complex colour.  I used pink, purple, and white to make this shirt.

I think the paintings turned out really fun and I can’t wait to hang them!


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2 Responses to Kids Decor: Fairy Painting

  1. Tara says:

    These are seriously adorable, Renata! I love them! You’ve got talent, lady.

  2. Salma says:

    Love the fairy pairings, Q must love them!

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