Painting Project: Long Neck Fishing


Long neck fishing painting

I recently had a request for one of my long neck paintings for a birthday gift.  The instructions were to paint a couple in a dingy with a fishing rod and two calico cats.  Oh, and the man needed to be wearing a fishing hat.

Long neck fishing sketchI meant to take pictures all along but all I have is the beginning sketch.  The sketch was to make sure I was on the right track.  Once approved I sketched the picture onto a canvas that I prepped with white paint and medium to add a bit of texturing.

I painted the water and the greenery first.  I do several layers of the background to give more depth to basic colours, usually at least three layers allowing for drying time between layers.

Then I moved onto the boat.  For some reason I felt it had to be red and white and I’m glad I went with gut on that cause I love the vibrancy of it.

Long neck fishing painting detailsWorking from areas of less details to more, the next step was the people.

My favourite part of making my long necks are the clothes and the hats.  As  someone with no fashion sense what-so-ever, this inclination even cracks me up.  However, for some reason, it is my favourite part.  I love adding details, especially buttons oddly enough!

It was a fun process.  I hadn’t made a long necks in quite some time so it was good to make one again.

And hopefully it gives the birthday man a smile:)

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