Creative Kids: Handprint Recycling Truck and Garbage Truck

Finished hand craft

With the beautiful weather we’ve been having this summer, we’ve been spending most of our days at the sandpit, playground, and waterpark.  It’s been a lot of fun but it has also meant crafting with the kids has been at a minimum.

Here’s one quick craft that C’s been asking for a while: making a recycling truck and a garbage truck.

We had made the handprints for this craft months ago and really all they were used for was a base colour to build the trucks on.

Recycling truck and garbage truck pieces

For both trucks I cut out a body and a front section (outlined with Sharpe), an “arm”, and three wheels.  I also made recycling bins and garbage bins like the ones we have in our complex.  C LOVES to help taking out the garbage and sorting the recycling so he is very familiar with these bins.  For the recycling bin and truck I also made a recycling symbol to put on them.  Last I drew rough roads on a piece of paper with Sharpe.

Before doing the craft I showed C how I would layer it together and he practiced assembling it without glue.  After that C used a glue stick to put glue on the backs of each piece (after which I topped up the glue because half would be already dry by the time he was done, “Just going to make sure we got all the edges”:)

He had a lot of fun putting them together and telling me about each part as he put it on.  “The arms lift the garbage into the hopper mommy, like this rrrrrr.”

    Garbage Trucks

I’ve been missing crafting with him but know the weather will turn soon enough and we’ll be craft-aholics once again.  We still read a lot though and above are two of our favourite garbage truck books.  For now, back to the waterpark!

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