Creative Kids: Football Birthday Card

Recently it was daddy’s birthday.  Daddy loves baseball but his baseball’s over and now football’s starting up.  So we decided to make a football themed birthday card for him.

Football card prepHere are the supplies I set up for C: A glue stick, a blank card with green edges (just trace around with felt to give a border), a rectangle of C’s green drawing, a goal post with “37” on it, and three little footballs.  I lightly lined the edge of the goal post in black Sharpe so it would stand out better.  I made the footballs from brown construction paper and then drew on them with a white watercolour paint Sharpe.  I did three because C is three and currently believes it is the only number of any worth:)

Then C and Q drew messages inside.  Here’s our end result:

Football card final

Happy birthday, daddy!

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One Response to Creative Kids: Football Birthday Card

  1. salmadinani says:

    Great birthday card! Dad must have loved it.

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