Creative Cats: Creating on!

A quick recap: In July I attended a painting night held by West Coast Creative Company.  At the Kerrisdale 4 Cats studio we made paintings of flowers inspired by Van Gogh.  It was a super fun night and great to get my creative on in a group setting.  I ended up with something that looked like these (I didn’t actually take a picture of mine alone):

Creative Cats paintings

However, for me, the fun didn’t end there.  Once home I decided I wanted to spice up my painting and one of the joys of canvas and acrylic is you can just layer on more. So a week later I pulled out my canvas and played around with it some more by adding a tablecloth, enhancing the flowers, and adding in other small detailing.  Here’s my end result:


Creative Cats 8

Got to love acrylics and their flexibility!


Check out some of other posts on the event by clicking the link below:
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