Creative Kids: Flower Canvas

C painting 2

Finally did my first actual canvas with C. It is a re-creation of our (grand) Mother’s Day card.  It turned out beautifully and I’m so excited to hang his first mixed media painting on the walls of our new house!  Since this piece has a lot of details, we did this project over a week.  The painting alone was done in two shifts and then another time we did some cutting.  A separate shift was for gluing, then more gluing at a later date, and finally some drawing with Sharpe paint pens for the finishing touches.

C painting 1 materialsTo start, C painted the canvas blue. I gave him three shades of blue on a yogurt lid.  Once that was dry, I then gave him white paint and a sponge. This part I demo-ed and then he added to it.  He loved using a sponge to paint.  Mental note: do this technique with him again.

Then C cut up some painted pages we had.  He cut strips and chunks out of green pages.  After he helped me draw circles using a glue stick lid as a tracer on some orange and pink painted pages we had.  I then cut them out and made some bigger circles and some smaller and some even into crescents to mix it up a bit.  Last C picked out a bunch of buttons from our button jar.

C painting 1When we were ready to make the flowers, I talked to C about how the strips and chunks were leaves and stems and how they would be close to the bottom of the canvas as that was the ground.  Then I demo-ed layering the circles and crescents to make the flowers.  After that I helped him cover the canvas with mod podge from edge to edge.  Then it was time to step back and let him create his canvas.

I was so impressed with how he did.  All I remind him was to start with the big circles first so the little ones could go on top and that the circles in the middle had to be a different colour to be seen.

The next session was his favourite.  We covered the canvas with mod podge again and after suggesting to him that he spread out his buttons, he placed them where he willed.  After that all dried we went over the areas with buttons with more mod podge to make them more secure.

For the final session of our work on his painting, I gave him a white and a black Sharpe paint pen.  I first had him practice using them on coloured construction paper and showed him how he could make dots, circles, dashes, and lines.  We also practiced his initials so he could sign his canvas.  Then again I stepped back and let him take the lead.  At the end I had him try to print his initials in the bottom corner (then I wrote them underneath).  I was so impressed by his detailing.

All in all, though it took a while to finish, it was definitely worth the time investment and resulted in a beautiful piece I can’t wait to hang.

C Painting Collage


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4 Responses to Creative Kids: Flower Canvas

  1. salmadinani says:

    Love the idea of putting it on a canvas. And it’s a good way to use different craft items. I’m gonna try it with the kids.

    • It’s a really fun way to play with different pieces. Look for little bits you have around the house. All sorts of things can be used. Old earrings can be a fun one to add to things too if you have any that will lie flat.

  2. TamaraG says:

    This is such a great idea! I need to try this with Evie.

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