Creative Kids: Truck Printing

Unpacking boxes + back to work + life in general = no time for art lately.  However, I decided we had to drop everything and have at least a quick painting session with the kids the other day.  It was so worth it.  We didn’t produce anything epic or do any grand project, we just painted.

Q finger painted and couldn’t get enough.  She just kept holding out her hand and demanding “Mo” (more:).

C did some painted pages and then I cut out a truck in styro foam to see what would happen if we tried making a print with it.  I love the idea of doing prints as an adult and want to look more into it when I have time (aka a long time from now).  But I figured I’d just try it out with C to see if it would work/be fun.  It was both!

Cprints.jpg At first I just cut out a truck and he printed with that but I noticed that my pen line impressions were visible in the paint prints.  So I added more details onto the foam and had him do some more prints to see how much would be visible.  It was actually pretty clear.  C had a ton of fun and has already put in various truck requests for the next time we paint.

When C went to bed that night the last thing he told his daddy was, “First thing when I get up, I want to paint again daddy.”  I didn’t get to many boxes this weekend and the green paint jumped off the table and exploded on the kitchen floor but that one comment made it all worth it.  It reinforced the importance of making the time to create and making the time to do things together.  The boxes aren’t going anywhere:)

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