Family Rules

Family Rules 2


Family life sometimes needs rules to live by so I created us a list.  I wanted there to be between 5 and 10 and for the rules to encompase most areas of life.  I wanted rules that we would all live by too so that they really were family rules.

The rules are posted on the fridge.  As well, I made a little book up about the rules using photos of my kids.  I tried to fashion our book a bit off a combo of the “Pete the Cat” and the “How does a Dinosaur Play with his Friends?” books.   For C we read the whole thing, for Q we just read the rule part and, if she doesn’t turn the page immediately, talk about the pictures a bit:)

Below are a couple of (poor photo quality) sample pages (yes, we desperately need to invest in a new camera!):

Family Rules collage

This is the transcript of these pages:

For rule 2: We are a team.  We work together and help each other: “Q is still learning.  Sometimes she trips a lot and sometimes it is too tricky for her to take off her shoes.  Is she tough out of luck?

Goodness, no!  Rules are good and help us grow.  C helps Q by holding her hand and helps her take off her shoes when she needs help.  Thanks big brother!”

For rule 6: We are thankful.  We look for the good in situations: “C and Q wanted to go to the park but it ended up raining.  Do they whine about not being able to go? Do they complain that they aren’t able to do what they wanted to do?

Goodness, no!  Rules are good and help us grow.  They find something new and fun to play indoors.  They do crafts instead and it’s really great.  Later they go for a puddle jumping walk.  They have lots of fun seeing who can make the biggest splashes!”

Closing page: “Our family rules are rules for all.  The rules help the whole family be happier, work together, and look after each other.  Go Team W!”

So far it’s rule 1 “We listen to each other” and rule 3 “We are gentle with each other and with animals” (we don’t “bear hug” each other to the floor or lie on the cat:) that we are working on the most.  But that just means our family rules hold lots of room to grow then!

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7 Responses to Family Rules

  1. trinitygrau says:

    How cool! We have family rules, although these tend to be unspoken.

  2. Arwyn says:

    What a great idea….now I need to think of some for my family!

  3. salmadinani says:

    I like these rules, different than normal but even more important.

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