Creative Kids: Halloween Wreath


We all love how this Halloween wreath turned out and it was a lot of fun to make.

IMG_3417To begin, C and Q paint noodles white. They are supposed to be bones-I know, you could tell:)  The background of the wreath is a paper plate painted black.  If your paper plates are thin, best to glue two together.

We have a Keurig that we love for the convenience of it but I wanted to do something creative with the little cups.   So when we were making this wreath I thought it needed a dash of colour. Our wreath was going to have a purple spider.  To that end, C also painted a Keurig cup for the body of the spider.

Hallow wreathOnce the paint had dried, I hole punched four holes near the open end of the cup.  C put a pipecleaner in each hole, folding it in half so that there were two legs per hole.

Q was then in charge of gluing the noodles onto the wreath and the eyes onto the spider and the wreath.  It was a great exercise in Fine Motors for her!  And a great exercise for mama to practice being hands off and letting baby do it for herself!  She did great (mama’s baby’s not so much a baby anymore:(

One other quick thing we did to dress up a window was I traced their arms and hands onto paper and cut them out.  Then I added a little caution tape and some spider web cotton and presto!  An easy-peasy, spooky Halloween window!

Halloween window


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