Creative Kids: Recycled Frankie


I wanted to make a Halloween mask.  When looking at a big jug of milk, I was struck by how, if upside down, the handle reminded me of a nose.  That flash, along with my desire to craft with the little Keurig cups, inspired the subject for our mask: Frankenstein.

Frankie iTo begin, C painted an empty milk jug green and some Keurig cups brown.  Once dried we glued on felt hair, eyebrows, scars, and eyes.  At first we used white glue but that was not so effective.  It did eventually dry and stick to the jug but using my glue gun was way better.  So I used the gun to reinforce where C had stuck the pieces and to attach the Keurig “bolts”.  Since we used the nose a lot to hold Frankie’s face while we attached the felt, the paint on his nose was a little worse for wear.  Instead of re-painting, we wrapped green painter’s tape around it.  It worked perfect and added a little bit of texture which was great.  Paint didn’t chip from any of the other areas so we just left the rest as paint.

Frankie iiOnce his head was done, I felt he wasn’t enough as solely a mask.  We needed a body (insert evil scientist laugh here).

To make the body, we dumped a bag of rice into a paper wine bottle bag.  This would give weight and help him “sit” wherever we wanted to place him.  We cut up another paper wine bottle bag to make the legs.  I free cut some “boots” from felt for C to glue onto the legs.

To attach the head to the body, I stuck a chopstick into the rice and put part of a toilet paper roll in between the milk jug and the bag of rice as the neck.  We used the green painters tape to attach the roll to the head and the body and to cover up the tube.


Frankie iiiFor arms we used strips of construction paper that C folded accordian style. Though it was tricky and slow going, he really liked this technique! Again from felt I cut out glove hands for C to attach.

The final touch was to add some sparkly buttons I found at a dollar store (“bolts”) as decoration.  Our Frankenstein was complete!

He now watches over the comings and goings by our door.  He’s our big, bad, and green Halloween watch dog!



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2 Responses to Creative Kids: Recycled Frankie

  1. Stella says:

    That looks great!

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