Mixed Media Inspiration for 2015

Sometimes life is a bit of a handful – that’s what’s happened at our house lately though I think it may be easing off a bit now.  Unfortunately for the last couple months it has meant minimal creative time for me (time for writing, painting, and/or blogging) though I still have managed to do some holiday crafting with the kids which has been fun.

However, with the New Year looming it is making me ask myself, what do you want in your life Ren?  And, of course, creativity is on the top of the list.  So in looking for some affordable painting inspiration for the New Year, I am tempted by two courses:

Life Book 2015

1) Life Book 2015 run by Tamara Laporte of Willowing Arts:  this one runs for the year and has 25 guest art teachers who share their mixed media approaches with you.  The aim is to create several mixed media works per month (which you then bind into a journal, hence Life Book 2015).  The theme is self-development and healing.  The cost starts at around $120 US (you can get other courses of Tamara’s included for more but the basic Life Book only cost is the $120 US).  Here’s a link to see it yourself:


Inspiration Wed

2) Inspiration Wednesday run by Donna Downey: Every second week for the year, you will be able to access a video that guides you through as Donna shares how she creates a page and, basically, how she plays.  These creations will involve taking risks and trying new supplies and techniques.  You can buy little books off her site in which to do these inspiration pages (and they look super cute) but I will probably just be using a book I have on hand or making my own.  In order to participate in Inspiration Wednesday you sign up to be a member which costs $35.  Check out more info on this opportunity here:


After much consideration, I ended up going with the Inspiration Wednesday course.  I give myself a yearly creative budget and since I have decided to participate in Julie Hedlund’s 12 x 12 writing opportunity again this year, that eats up most of my alloted creative funds.

So I have my painting course and my writing course picked out for 2015, now all I have to do is pick my “word” for 2015 and I’ll be set…





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2 Responses to Mixed Media Inspiration for 2015

  1. ailene says:

    what do you mean by having to pick your ‘word’?

    • It’s a new trend. Instead of making resolutions, you pick a guiding word or focus word for the year. It’s supposed to be a bit of an open word so it could apply to more than one thing in your life. Some examples of “words” I’ve heard are: calm, strength, experience, thankful, and the list could go on and on.

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