Ringing in the New Year Creative Style

The hubs and I are stuck at home this New Year’s with a couple sick kids, which may sound like a drag, but in truth we are actually having a lot of fun!  We decided to make the night special by having a painting night, something we haven’t done since moving into our new home.  The hubs is working on his Safeco baseball field painting which has the Seattle skyline as a backdrop.  It is coming along quite nicely I must say…

I have pulled out my ballet girl collage series that I started at the old place and haven’t touched since August.  It’s good to have paint all over my fingers and under my nails again.  I’m not sure how the finished pieces will turn out but I’ll share where I’m at for now.  Given that I work in short stints, they will be months in the making.  I’m especially putting off working on the faces – imagine that:)  But regardless of the finished product, I’m having a total blast playing with paint in the moment.

NY Painting Session II

NY Painting Session I


Happy New Year!  May 2015 hold much creativity for you!

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One Response to Ringing in the New Year Creative Style

  1. Susan Nash says:

    Love your “Ballet Series”!! Such talent (and patience) you have. Happy NY too all of you. Hope the kids get better soon! xo

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