Breaking Open the Piggy Bank

One of my goals for C and Q are for them to be involved in giving to others.  It’s tricky at this age for them to really understand about giving, let alone about giving donations.  However, I wanted to start the tradition of them donating a portion of their piggy bank money yearly so  I counted up all their piggy bank money and allotted a portion from each to be given away.

Eventually, I’d like the kids to pick their own place to donate to but for now I picked.  Trying to think of something they’d connect with, I thought our best bet would be the SPCA.  Both my kids LOVE animals and on the SPCA site there is an area where you can select where your money will go (Check out the site here).

SPCA 2We have a cat so I was sure C and Q would choose to helps cats but neither did!  C was immediately drawn to the dogs section.  He ended up deciding he wanted “a safe place for the dogs to stay”.  So his money sponsored a dog stay.

SPCA 1Q surprised me even more by being draw to the Wildlife and other Animals section.  There were ducks (which we see at the lake) and chickens (which one of our grandma’s have) but no, Q kept pointing to the pig.  Something about this guy’s little face got to her:)  So with her donation this year, Q sponsored certified care for pigs.

The tradition is now started.  In the future, I want to expand our giving to include giving our time and supporting our community but we will also continue this donation tradition.  It will be interesting when C and Q can choose their own causes to support with their money.  I wonder what they will chose then…I’m sure they will continue to surprise me:)

(Pictures are from the SPCA donation site)

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