Creative Kids: Valentine’s Day Cards


We are very busy this year so we went with simple for our Valentine’s day cards.  Here are a sample of some of the cards we are making this year.

Top left: We used a folded toilet paper roll to make a heart stamp (got that idea off Pinterest).  Then the kids dipped the end in paint and made hearts all over.  For the last space we used a different colour of paint.  Then around the edges I wrote: “Valentine, you are one of a kind!”

Top right: This was an idea off Pinterest.  It kind of creeps me out but intrigues me at the same time.  I cut a heart with a hole in it and the kids glued it down and glued eyes in the hole.  Then I wrote: “Valentine, I’ve got my eyes on you!”

Bottom left: This idea is similar to a (Grand) Father’s day card we made a while back.  I cut out an alien shape.  The kids glued it on and glued eyes on.  Then C drew ground beneath the alien and added space stickers around him.  Inside reads, “Valentine, you are out of this world!”

Bottom right: My kids love buttons so I drew a heart shape and then they glued buttons within the lines.  Underneath I wrote “Love” but on future cards in this style I’m going to have the kids stick on alphabet stickers to make the word Love.

Hope you have fun crafting it up with and for your Valentines!

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