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Recording Memories: My Baby Books

Most of the mommies I know have their own way of recording special events and funny conversations that come out of the mouths of their babes.  Some have word documents they add to with quotes and short records of events.  Some record … Continue reading

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Making More Board Books

I’ve made some new board books.  One is called “October Fun”.  The other is called “Going to the Island”.  October Fun is written in the first person of Q because she hasn’t had her own book previously but C had some in first … Continue reading

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Bringing in the Year of the Sheep

2015 is the year of the Sheep (or Ram or Goat, depending on who you ask).  According to a quick Google search, it’s a pretty positive thing to be born in the year of the Sheep.  Sheep are considered generally … Continue reading

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Inspiration Wednesdays 2

  For the second installment of Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday (IW2) we did a collage piece.  In order to get some cool collage supplies I hit Urban Source in Vancouver.  It’s this neat store that has recyclables you can buy … Continue reading

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Creative Kids: Valentine’s Cards for Daycare

For C and Q’s daycare buddies I wanted to have simple cards with an attached little treat.  So I set up the following cards: For Q’s younger crew, the card read “Valentine, I’m bananas for you” and there was an attached banana mum-mum.  For C’s … Continue reading

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Creative Kids: More Valentine’s Day Lovin’ Cards

Here is another quick Valentine card craft that the kids had a lot of fun creating. To make these cards I put down contact paper and the kids sprinkled on sequines and tissue paper hearts I had previously prepared.  Once they’ve … Continue reading

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