Creative Kids: More Valentine’s Day Lovin’ Cards

Val II

Here is another quick Valentine card craft that the kids had a lot of fun creating.

To make these cards I put down contact paper and the kids sprinkled on sequines and tissue paper hearts I had previously prepared.  Once they’ve sprinkled to their little hearts’ content, carefully lay contact paper on top to seal.

Val I

Next the kids glued these “windows” into folded construction paper cards which I had prepped by cutting out a heart (I lined the edges of the hearts with Sharpe to make them pop a bit more).  Make cards that can be folded over in half so that the window goes in between the folds.  That way the edges are hidden, giving your card a nicer finish.

Last step was adding some heart stickers and “signing” the inside.  Done:)

Easy way to send a little love!

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