Inspiration Wednesdays 2


IW 2.5

For the second installment of Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday (IW2) we did a collage piece.  In order to get some cool collage supplies I hit Urban Source in Vancouver.  It’s this neat store that has recyclables you can buy including 2D supplies like pages from old books, old photos and maps, various textured pages, plastic ribbon with holes in it, gold crinkly paper, and so much more.  So I filled a bag ($7 for lunch bag size) and now have a topped up “Random supplies” box to draw from:)

To start her piece, Donna had some neat black and white tissue paper with birds on it but as I didn’t have that I used some of the old map paper.  Then she added some number stickers she had.  I didn’t have stickers so I cut out some printed numbers to glue on.


Next Donna added colours.  She used a colour combination I wouldn’t have thought to try myself: grey and yellow.  Since this is all about experimenting for me, I decided to follow her lead and try it out.  Like last time, we did half acrylic paint and half glazing liquid, painted it on, let it sit for a minute, and then wiped it off.

IW 2.2

At this point I wasn’t so impressed by the colour combo and felt my choice of  yellow was probably a bit of a bold one but that’s part of experimenting-you learn what you like and what you don’t.  Once that was dried it was time to do some of the fun collage parts.  I added a big label, a quote, and some pieces of a ripped up random black and white photo.  For this piece we glued the insert card down instead of treating it as a separate part of the page.  The quote I added was one that reminds me of summer days as a kid.  “I was born to catch dragons in their dens and pick flowers/To tell tales and laugh away the morning/To drift and dream like a lazy stream and walk barefoot across sunshine days.” by James Kavanaugh from Sunshine Days and Foggy Nights.   Next, using a pallet knife, I dragged some white paint across the painting to add texture, to blend images together a bit, and to mellow out that yellow!

IW 2.4

Finishing steps involved splattering some ink on the page (I didn’t have black ink at that point so I used watered down Payne’s grey) and finger painting some light grey paint on the edges and across the textured areas to “catch” paint in crevices.  This process helped unify the piece a bit more and continued to mellow the yellow. IW 2.6Although I wasn’t so impressed with how this piece turned out, I had fun creating it.  Also I do like the idea of trying another “grunge”  piece (as I’ve been referring to it in my head).  I think part of the problem with this one was the my choice of yellow.  However, there is an old metal bridge near my house that has chipped paint and is yellow and grey but with hints of orange and a bit of graffiti.  Next time I am a passenger when driving over it, I’m going to get a picture of it and try another version of this piece inspired by this bridge.

The final step for this work was to add some wax to the page.  Donna mentioned this after I already ruined a page in another book because with all the paint and medium layered on, the pages can get stuck together.  Then when you try to open your book and separate the pages it rips off some of either side – so frustrating (and heartbreaking if you like your current piece).  So to solve this problem, you rub Dorland’s wax all over the pages and it keeps them from sticking.  It also gives a cool, smooth finish to your piece.  This wax is my favourite new product of this installment:)

IW 2 Wax

Some detail pics:

IW 2.7IW 2.8



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