Making More Board Books

I’ve made some new board books.  One is called “October Fun”.  The other is called “Going to the Island”.  October Fun is written in the first person of Q because she hasn’t had her own book previously but C had some in first person from before she was born.  So I thought we should even the playing field a bit:)

October Fun book

The second one, “Going to the Island”, is to remember all the fun we have when we visit my family that lives off the mainland.  I like the idea of having books about them because even though they visit, we don’t get to see them that often so this keeps them in mind and reminds the kids about things we do with them.

Going to the Island Book

With two kids now, I have edited the amount of work involved in making our personalised board books in order to save some time.  I don’t cover the books with laminating paper anymore.  I just glue down the photos and glue on the text and done.  The kids don’t seem to notice a difference though I do make sure they don’t read the books anywhere near water.

I get the books at second hand shops so I don’t feel bad about using them in this way – and it’s a cheap source.  Before I used to try to cover up pictures and text underneath which meant more work and more layers.  Now I just let what shows, show.  It actually makes a neat backdrop and isn’t as distracting as I was worried it would be.

The kids love the new books and C is even suggesting titles for future ones:)

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