Recording Memories: My Baby Books

Most of the mommies I know have their own way of recording special events and funny conversations that come out of the mouths of their babes.  Some have word documents they add to with quotes and short records of events.  Some record notes in calendars and others in notebooks.  One has set up email addresses for each of her children and sends them an email whenever she wants to remember anything.  She plans to give them the password when they reach adulthood and then they’ll have all the messages.  For my kids, I have scrapbook Journals that I’ve been calling their Baby books.

Baby Book Collage

Baby Book IIMy kids’ Baby books start off with a dream board that I make when I’m pregnant.  I collage positive images of myself as a mother, of our growing family, and of healthy babies as my way of putting positive vibes out to the universe for this child:)  Later pages include a “Where I’m coming from…” page, journal pages from my perspective on what it feels like being pregnant and being a mom, pages on events in our lives, notes on why their name was chosen, and specifics of their birth date among other things.

Baby Book III

Baby Book VOther pages are about them and their activities from posts on this blog and I also make monthly notes on their favourite things and on milestones.  In addition to written records, I include ultrasound pics, photos, and, as well, I illustrate most pages.

Baby Book IV

Baby book 16 Baby bookI have fun looking back over the events and hope my kids will too but I aim for these books to be more than a record of such things.  I aim to fill each page with love so they will not only be holding a book of memories, they will also have tangible evidence of my love.  My great hope is that they will be books my kids will cherish in future and, eventually, share with their children.  So in essence it is not just Baby books I am creating, I am attempting to create Legacy books.


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2 Responses to Recording Memories: My Baby Books

  1. Susan Nash says:

    Your drawings are heartwarming and your children will love their special books and there will be no doubt that you have loved them!! You are a great Mother, Wife and Friend and also a fabulous artist!!

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