Inspiration Wednesdays 3

iw3 full.2For this installment of Inspiration Wednesday, Donna Downey lead us through making a piece that reminded me of graffiti art.  Graffiti art can sometimes be truly amazing.  This is a style of piece I would enjoy doing on canvas at a future date…


To start, Donna prepped her Journal page with vibrant paint and then covered the bottom portion with black.  To add texture she used a drywall tape with little round holes.  I looked EVERYWHERE for that tape but I couldn’t find it here in Canada.  I could find tape with squarish holes, but I wanted the round ones.  However, I did find a product from Urban Source that was similar in its effect but needed to be glued down.  It worked great and the effect was awesome but the idea of just being able to tape holey tape onto my creations would be so great.  Next trip to the States, I will be looking for it.


After that was all dried and set, it was time to cover it up – twice.  First layer was in off white and the second was in a darker off white.  The colour Donna used was Titan Buff but I didn’t have it so I mixed Titanium white, Payne’s gray, and Yellow ochre and came up with a happy approximation.  Both layers were applied using a palate knife.  The texture effect of the holey paper under the paint was already looking so neat.


Now that the base was created it was time to add back in colour – well, mostly black.  I used airbrush ink in a spray bottle (a bottle I bought at a dollar store) and sprayed a number stencil.  I’ve never bothered with spray bottles before because I didn’t think there was that impressive a pay off for the mess.  I was wrong.  For something rustic-urban like this, it totally was worth the fuss.  The effect was super cool and I will be using spray bottles again.


To lay in the thick streaks of black I used a Montana pen (yes, a new product to me).  Think of an inch thick inky Sharpe for how it applies.  Again, I wondered if it would be worth it because how much difference could there be between using it and using just a paint brush?  There was a difference and I liked it!

To add the words (I wrote “creativity sets me free”) and scribble details I used another new product (thank heavens for the Christmas gift card I received – though it is now gone) called a Molotow Empty Pump-Marker.  You fill it with your own ink (and so could have it be any colour).  Mine was a 2 mm fine tip but I should have gone smaller.  I wanted a more scratchy effect but this was more of a marker effect.  Still fun, just not what I was envisioning in my head.  Following this, I used some of the colour from the beginning background to make circles which I then outlined in black.

iw3 full.2

The final details were adding some typed text across one of the circles (I kept with my creativity theme and typed up “creativity feeds the soul”) and to add the date stamp tag.  Inspiration Wednesday.3-done!

iw3 full

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One Response to Inspiration Wednesdays 3

  1. Ailene says:

    Ren, you did a great job. I like the slivers of blue and pink still showing through. I also like the idea of that airbrush ink and spray bottle.

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