Creative Kids: Recycled Spring Wreath

IMG_4008We made a Spring wreath to welcome in the new season.  It is made from a paper plate, an egg carton, buttons, and paint.

IMG_3993To begin C painted a paper plate green (I cut out the middle of the plate first).  It’s his favourite colour so he loved this job.

Depending on the strength of your paper plates, you can either use one or you’ll have to glue another one behind this one for reinforcement as the egg carton cups are a bit heavy.

IMG_3994 - CopyThen we painted the cups.  Each kid picked what colour paint they wanted and painted a few cups.

C wanted two colours so our wreath ended up with tri-coloured flowers but really you could do rainbow or just one colour, as you wish.

IMG_4001I cut up the egg carton closing flap into “petal” shapes which C painted green.  I mixed the green with yellow so they’d be a different shade to add some contrast to the plate colour.

Q helped me pick buttons for the middle of the flowers.

Using a glue gun, I put glue on the flowers and petals and C chose where to put them on the wreath.  Happy Spring!



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One Response to Creative Kids: Recycled Spring Wreath

  1. salmadinani says:

    I’ve been saving our egg cartons for a future craft project. This one looks perfect.

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