Inspiration Wednesdays 4

IW 4

For the 4th installment of Inspiration Wednesday we played some more with modelling paste.  I love this stuff.  It is so fun!

IW 4.45To begin this project,  I covered the pages in text and then Donna instructed going through the text and framing words and phrases that jump out to you.  I used a watercolour pen which I hoped would bleed when I whitewashed over the text (I used white acrylic and gesso) but it didn’t really.  So then I drew around the boxes with a charcoal pencil to smudge the lines a bit and make the lines softer.

IW 4.6For the next steps, Donna used a stencil featuring handwriting and a flower stamp.

The closest I had was a stencil with words about family and I hand drew a flower in the corner.  Again I used a charcoal pencil so that it would blur a bit.

IW 4.2For the last steps, it was time to add in some mixed media aspects and to glaze.  The quote I added was “Live Laugh Love” as it seemed fitting with the family stencil.

Then I added some numbers to a tag and attached them to the paper.  Finally I used burnt umber to make a glaze which caught beautifully on the modelling paste and splattered a bit of black ink in one corner.

Not my fave in terms of results but any creating is good and I love getting my hands covered in products and paint:)  Bring on Inspiration Wednesday 5!

IW 4.3

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2 Responses to Inspiration Wednesdays 4

  1. Cheryle says:

    What a great project…looks fantastic.

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