Three Things Thursday for Goddess Status

Bagel with a poppy .

Sometimes in life it is the little things that make you thankful and make a BIG difference.  Here are three things I am thankful for:

1)  When someone tells you that you have something in your teeth.  There is nothing worse than coming home after work or being out all day and realising that you have poppyseeds or whatnot in your teeth.  You had that bagel at 10 am so you’ve been doing the black-toothed smile all day.  Huh, so that’s why people kept smiling at you.  There wasn’t something in the air making everyone friendly, they were laughing at you.  Great.

2)  When someone treats you with compassion when one of your kids is having a melt down and doesn’t just give you the judgemental stare.  Seriously, the lady who helped me pack my groceries when my youngest was a newborn and just losing it was a goddess.  I had honestly contemplated breastfeeding while holding my daughter with one hand and packing with the other right there in line.  But with that lady’s help, I was able to pack up really quickly, get out of the store, and breastfeed in the quiet of my car – and with both hands free which is much easier.

3)  When someone else’s kids have melt downs in public places.  I’m not being facetious here.  It really is helpful because then I think “Yay, it’s not just my kids.  I’m not alone.”

There you have it.  Three little things that will make a real difference in someone’s day and earn you goddess status-all at no cost to yourself.  Well, ok except for maybe the last one.  Having your child melt down in public can come at the cost of a bit of your sanity but really what is a bit of your sanity in exchange for goddess status?


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5 Responses to Three Things Thursday for Goddess Status

  1. Catherine Hay says:

    I love today’s post, and I can totally relate to it. I am still thankful for the cashier who saw me struggle with a huge load of groceries while my 3 year old had massive temper tantrum. Instead of judging, she said, “I’ve been there too. You’re doing just fine.” That was so reassuring!!

  2. Reshma says:

    It always be so easy to judge a parent when a kid is having a melt-down until that person actually finds themselves in the same situation years later!! I’m glad someone was able to be above that and make your day just a little bit easier! 🙂

  3. salmadinani says:

    I can TOTALLY relate to all three of those things! If I see someone with something in their teeth, I always tell them! And there needs to be more people like the lady who helped you in the line up. Happy Thursday!

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