Creative Kids: Recycling Crayons

Recycled Crayons

My son was born on Earth Day.  In going with this theme, I thought we’d recycle some crayons to give as favours to his daycare buddies in honour of his birthday.  It’s really simple to do.

You need some tart/little cake/Madeleine tins, some old crayons with the covers peeled off, and an oven.  We already had a bunch of peeled, broken crayons because that it what my kids do with their crayons half the time anyhow.  I sorted them into colour groups and had C fill the shapes.  Note: fill each shape to the top but don’t overfill or, when it melts, the crayon will spill out over the edge.IMG_4175

Once you have filled in the molds, place the tart tin on a cookie sheet.  I didn’t do this for the first batch and ended up covering a part of my oven floor with coloured wax.  Once the crayons melt they become pure liquid and it is so hard not to spill a bit.

Put them in a 200-225 degrees farenheit oven for 15-20 minutes or until completely liquified.  Take them out of the oven and allow them to cool and harden.

Earth day crayons

Once they are cool, tip the tray over, tap the back, and your beautiful “new” crayons will pop out!

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