Inspiration Wednesdays 6


This was such a fun Inspiration Wednesday.  Again Donna used some things I didn’t have but I worked with what I did have and made it happen.  This is a piece I could see doing something similar with on canvas because it had such a beautiful end result.

IW 5.1

To start I attempted to spray paint numbers on tags.  I didn’t have any tags so I used some white scrapbook paper and made them myself. Once they were dry, I used a thickly laid down mixture of gel medium and white acrylic paint to “glue” them down and to give texture.  Donna’s tags had strings but as my homemade ones didn’t, I just used some pieces of dental floss (the only string I could find in the house:) to add even more texture.

IW 5.2

I was so into the next steps that I forgot to pause and take pictures of the progress but basically the missed steps were drawing circles to preserve some white, and then doing glazes-quinacridone gold on the bottom and burnt umber on top.  Once the glazes dried, I added “trunks” to the trees, wrote “inspiration” by hand with a permanent fine liner up one trunck, and then used my finger to smudge in gold metalic paint around the top edges of the trees.

IW 5.3

Then it was time to work on the inclusion.  For this Donna used modeling paste over a stencil of handwritten phrases.  The only word stencil I’ve been able to find is the one I used before that has family friendly quotes on it.  Not as cool as her handwriting stencil but it still gave a neat effect.  After the modeling paste dried (done on both back and front of the inclusion) it was time for a black glaze on top of the words.  After letting the glaze sit for 3-5 minutes, I wiped it off with a baby wipe.  To finish the inclusion, I used my finger to smudge gold metallic paint across some of the words and around the edges. Date stamp and done!


This week’s exercise reminds me of a piece I once did in the past.  However, my work lacked depth but I didn’t know how to take it to the next level.  That’s what I’m really loving about this Inspiration Wednesday.  It is showing me how to play with things and layer to get that depth-so that hopefully in future I can take my own ideas to the next level and create pieces that really pop.


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