Creative Kids: Rainbow Rice Sensory Play


I’ve been trying to mix up what I do with my kids to give them some different experiences.  I really like the idea of a rice bin because you can switch up the toys in with the rice depending on the season or a holiday and make it “new” again.

It seemed pretty simple to dye rice, especially using this method that I found on the Happy Hooligans site:  Her method doesn’t use anything toxic and doesn’t use Ziploc bags so extra bonus there.

Sensory Rice 1

Here’s what you do.  Take a cup of rice, add a bunch of drops of food colouring, half a teaspoon of vinegar, and shake it up.  Then spread it out to dry on some wax paper.  Once dry, store in an airtight container.  Add some scoops and some toys, whatever you think will peak the interest of your kids.  There you have it – a rice sensory bin.

Sensory Rice 2


After we are done with the frogs and snakes, I have some foam letters that I am going to switch in.  Right now though we are having fun burying and then “finding” the frogs and snakes so I’ll wait till that loses its charm.

Rice Letters

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