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Happy to Be Raising Bookworms

My kids are bookworms.   I love that fact.  My son took to books from the get-go but my daughter, however, took her time in coming around to reading.  In order to get her there, we just kept exposing her to books and … Continue reading

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A Truckin’ Rainbow Wreath

I loved our flower wreath but it was looking a little worse for weather wear.  It was time to freshen up the look of our front door with a new wreath. When I asked C what he wanted to put on … Continue reading

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(Kind of) Wordless Wednesday: Displaying Kid Art Work

The kids produce such great art.  We hang a lot of it up on the fridge but I wanted to show case some of their work a bit more formally.  There are some really cool frames you can buy that have hinges on the side … Continue reading

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Inspiration Wednesday 7

This installment of Inspiration Wednesday was a mix of a scrapbooking project and a mixed media piece.  Following Donna’s plan for this segment, I used wrapping paper to cover the left side of my journal so that it overlapped a bit … Continue reading

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