Inspiration Wednesday 7


This installment of Inspiration Wednesday was a mix of a scrapbooking project and a mixed media piece.  Following Donna’s plan for this segment, I used wrapping paper to cover the left side of my journal so that it overlapped a bit onto the right as well as to cover up the front and back of the insert.  Then I finished the right side of the journal by covering it with some beige paper (I used paper from a big envelope).  Next I used decorative tape as a border between the papers.  These steps set up the base for this piece.


To add texture to the beige paper, Donna used a text stencil with modelling paste but as I only have one text stencil, I’m getting sick of it.  So instead I chose a flower stencil to compliment the wrapping paper.


Once the modeling paste was dry, it was time to glaze.  This time Donna suggested a series of three glazes: teal, white, and black.  Layering the glazes definitely upped the grunge effect factor which was an interesting contrast to the pretty wrapping paper.  I do wish I had put more gesso or medium on the decorative tape to protect it because it got grunged up too and ended up looking a little dirty.


From there, it was time to finish up the insert.  This insert was double-sided because I have reached the half way point of this journal.  So in the middle portion, Donna suggested gluing in text and outlining phrases that jump out at you.  I chose an old dictionary page that had a flower image on it to continue the floral theme.  The final step was to add the date stamp.

Voila, Inspiration Wednesday 7 is complete.  Not my fave piece by far but I did finally get to put that pretty wrapping paper I’ve been saving (for who knows what reason) to use!

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