A Truckin’ Rainbow Wreath

Car wreath4

I loved our flower wreath but it was looking a little worse for weather wear.  It was time to freshen up the look of our front door with a new wreath.

When I asked C what he wanted to put on our new wreath his immediate response was: trucks.  To make this wreath, we started by painting a paper plate black.  Once it was dry, C used a yellow paint pen to draw in the yellow “road” lines down the middle.

Car wreath.jpg

Then I took an egg carton and cut up sections.  C told me his favourite trucks and we made plans to create them.  Q’s really into colours right now so we painted them a rainbow of colours for her.

Car wreath5

Once the base colour for the vehicles was dry, C painted blue and black squares for windows.  Once those squares were dry, I used paint pens to outline his windows and to add a few other details (for example, the ladder and the wording on the bus).

Car wreath6

To finish up, I manned the glue gun and C added beads for headlights and buttons for wheels.

Our rainbow truck lineup involved a red fire truck, an orange car, a yellow school bus, a green garbage truck, a blue recycling truck, and a purple cement truck.

It’s a truckin’ rainbow that sure brightens up our front door!

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