Happy to Be Raising Bookworms

My kids are bookworms.   I love that fact.  My son took to books from the get-go but my daughter, however, took her time in coming around to reading.  In order to get her there, we just kept exposing her to books and reading her a page or two as she’d pay attention.  Eventually a page or two became several pages which then stretched to a whole book.  Now that she has become interested in books, she is all over them.  Sometimes I’ll realise she’s been too quiet and go look for her.  When I find her, she’s got a stack of books next to her that she’s reading to herself (that or she’s reached the wipe container and has been pulling them out one by one into a big pile.  Either way she’s playing quietly by herself and it’s something to celebrate:).

Q’s favourite books currently are ones that are interactive in that they make sounds themselves, they involve the reader making sounds, or they have flaps of some sort.  The following are some current popular library picks for her:

Books Q pics

C’s faves tend to be truck related or involve fun sound effects/fun use of language.  The following are some recent hot pics from library for him:

Books C pics

The Garbage Trucks/Dump Trucks series are great ones if your kid is into trucks.  I cannot tell you how many times I have read the Garbage Trucks book.  It’s been a fave of his for the last year at least.

So that’s a wrap for current fave book trends in our house.  Regardless of the topic or type of book, I’m just so glad my kids are into books.

Yay for bookworms!

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  1. Reading helps kids develop vital skills. Good Read!

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