Where I’ve Been…

three pregs

So the far right was me at the end of last month.

Before every birth I put on the same clothes and take this pic.  Starting on the far left, little man C joined us in 2011.  Then baby girl Q came onto the scene in 2013.  And now, baby girl M has rounded out our family.  Three’s a charm!

I was excited to put these photos together to see if I carried differently, etc but all that looks different to me is the hair styles and that I look increasingly tired-lol!

As for blogging, I’ll try to get back to posting more regularly as soon as I get more of that elusive sleep:)

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4 Responses to Where I’ve Been…

  1. HappyFamily says:

    What a great idea. I don’t know why I avoided pregnancy pictures. I hope if I get pregnant again I will be better. Congrats on your baby.

    • Thanks! Totally recommend pregnancy pics. The kids love to see pics of themselves in mama’s belly. I was actually best about taking photos the first pregnancy and poor little M has the fewest-just too busy this time around! At least she still has some:)

  2. Arwyn says:

    Great photos. I love that you did that!! You look gorgeous in all of them, and I must say, I love the bob!

  3. salmadinani says:

    Glad you shared this! And I agree, it looks like you were carrying the same way each time with just a different hairstyle!

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