My Little Scientist: Anemometer


Wind experiment

We go to the library every week to get new books.  Because I am totally Type A, I have a break down of how many books I get and I stick to that break down every week.  For Q (who is two), I get 10 board books. For C (who is four years old), I get 12 fiction books and 6 non-fiction ones.Wind book

The non-fiction books can be hit or miss.  Some he loves and others he can’t be bothered with, even when he picks them himself.  Animal, space, emergency personnel, and truck ones tend to be more successful than geography or history ones currently.

I especially hit the jackpot with one I chose this week: It’s Windy Today by Kristin Sterling.  The depth of the information and the amount of text in the book was perfect for his attention span.  His favourite part was at the end though.  They showed how to make an anemometer (a tool to measure wind speed).

It was made with stuff just around the house and was a total success!  In two weeks it is Show and Share day at C’s daycare and he is already talking about how much he wants to share it with his friends on that day.  Seriously got to love the energy and enthusiasm of a four year old:)

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One Response to My Little Scientist: Anemometer

  1. salmadinani says:

    My oldest loves science projects and this one looks like fun!

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