Creative Kids: Leafy Projects

Leaf WreathMy kids have been fascinated with the falling leaves this year.  C, at four, is increasingly aware of and intrigued by the fact the seasons change.  He is missing daily hot sun already but he is loving the leaves and is super excited that Halloween is on its way again!

Here are two leaf projects we have done recently:

Leaf Wreath:

  1. I drew leaf shapes on construction paper with a Sharpe.  The kids then put blobs of paint on the paper and folded them in half to smear the paint around.
  2. As the paint was drying on the leaves we painted a paper plate brown.  We let all the papers dry over nap.
  3. After nap I cut out the centre of the paper plate so it was a wreath and cut out the leaves.
  4. Then C painted the wreath with glue and C and Q took turns covering the wreath with leaves.  On top we added some real seeds we had picked up because the kids loved them (“helicopter” seeds).
  5. As a fun add-on, I used thread and tied on some dangly leaves.  Though it does usually untangle, I would recommend shorter stretches of thread as the wind does tend to twist them together.

Hanging leavesSun-catcher Leaf Mobile:

  1. The kids painted a paper plate brown (again) and then covered contact paper with tissue paper squares for this one.
  2. I topped the tissue paper with another layer of contact paper before drawing leaf shapes with a Sharpe and cutting them out.
  3. Once the kids were in bed I used thread to attach the leaves to the plate.

It was hard to photograph but it’s a beautiful addition to our sun room.  We put up the left over leaves from both projects on our window to imitate falling leaves.

The kids love the touch of fall we brought into our entrance way:)


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