Creative Kids: Pasta Play


We were getting tired of our rice bin so we made a pasta bin.  To colour the pasta, we used a very similar technique to colouring rice except you use a lot more food colouring.  I used the technique found on the Happy Hooligans’ site (Coles notes version: shake pasta with 1-2 tsp vinegar and lots of food colouring in a plastic container with a lid).


Once dyed, the pasta will dry inside but if the sunshines, take advantage of it and put them outside as it is much faster and it won’t leave your kitchen smelling like vinegar (though not a big deal as it fades).


The pasta was destined to be dumped into a bin but my kids, of course, being kids of a Type A personality, wanted to sort them all by colour into ziplocks (imagine that:).


In the bin, I included string for lacing (and working on fine motor skills), the ziplock bags, some empty containers (for more sorting and mixing fun), scoops, and, as a challenge, I also made up some task cards.  The task cards include skills such as patterning and making shapes (primary education goals).


Q just wanted to sort, pour, and mix the pasta but C was all over the task challenge cards. Oh, I can’t help myself: and he did really well with them – proud mama moment.  Bring on kindergarten:)

So far though, their favourite activity is still to organize….

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