Creative Kids: Papier Mache Mailboxes


IMG_5322 (1)

For Q’s project we made a family mailbox.  As a structural base I use a metal frame that had been used to hold some puzzles we bought.  However, part of a cereal box would have worked too.

Here’s where we started:


Again, we did a layer of newsprint first and then did a layer of tissue paper in lieu of painting.  I helped put the glue on (Elmer’s glue and water mix) and the kids put on the paper and tissue paper.


I based our mailbox image on that of the Canadian post.  I cut out two blue rectangles for the kids to glue onto the front and then two red circles to glue on top of that.  Once the mailbox was all dry, I used a white acrylic paint pen to write the words and draw the image on the circle.  Since it isn’t a waterproof pen, I sprayed a fixative over the white marks so they wouldn’t easily rub/wash off.

Then it was all ready for family letters.


This was such a hit for C at daycare that we made one to bring into daycare to share.  We didn’t have another metal frame so we tried a wipe container instead.



Although cute, I think part of a cereal box would have been better because it kind of feels like the tissue paper didn’t adhere very well.  Oh well, once again it is process over end product, we’ll see how long it lasts!  And then, I guess, we can always make another with a cereal box if it is a hit:)


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  1. Tara says:

    I love it !!!!!!

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