Creative Kids: Spin Art Cards

Cards 1

I’ve wanted to try spin art for a while.  I’ve heard about it from several sites and it sounded so fun.  The kids LOVED it!

To make the spin art you cut a round piece of paper the size of the bottom of your salad spin strainer.  Put the paper in, add dollops of paint on top, put on the lid, and spin.  For more thorough instructions check out this site.

Cards 4

We didn’t have glitter paint so we used loose glitter and it worked well.  You’ll actually need about twice the paint shown above for the best results.

Cards 2

These were our end result creations. I wanted to do something special with them.

Cards 3

So we made holiday cards.  I cut shapes out of blank cards and we glued the spin art behind.  Then I outlined the cut out shape with a Sharpe.

Cards 5

After making our spin art creations, there is a lot of paint residue left over in the salad spinner.  It felt like such a waste to not use some of it so I quickly cut out foam shapes, glue gunned them onto the bottom of Tupperware containers and made impromptu stamps (though the tupperware worked in a pinch, next time I’m at a hardware store I’m picking up a couple scrap blocks of wood because those will work much better as stamp bases).

Paintbrush paint onto the stamps, give them to the kids with a big roll of paper in front of them, and you’ll have holiday wrapping paper in a matter of minutes:)




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