Three Winter Crafts

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Here are three fun crafts we’ve made so far this December:

Winter Lanterns

Lantern Collage

Using the bottom half of a plastic milk jug, we glued on tissue paper squares.  Once that dried we painted on a layer of glitter glue.  After that, we punched a couple holes, made a pipe cleaner holder, and the lanterns were good to go.  Inside we have battery powered tea lights so the kids can play with them without risk.

Elf Hats

Elf Hat Collage

I made these elf hats for them.  Tip: add on ears when they are wearing the hats so you can best place them to cover up their actual ears.  They made for some pretty cute photos!

Sun-catcher Snowmen

Snowmen Collage

Using contact paper, we first laid out tissue paper circles for buttons, others for eyes, and an orange “carrot” for the nose.  Then we filled the rest of the sheet with white tissue paper (snow).  I cut out circles from the contact paper and we taped them together to construct our snowmen.  To help the details stand out, I traced them with a Sharpe pen.  The kids added Sharpe circles to make the snowmen’s smiles.

Their fave part though after all that was taping on real sticks for the arms.  “They’re real sticks mommy.”  I know, I was there when we collected them.  “They are real sticks, mommy.  Like from outside.”  I was really trying not to laugh at that point.  “Yes darlings, they are real sticks.  Sticks from outside.  It’s pretty cool.”  So funny what catches their fancies!

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2 Responses to Three Winter Crafts

  1. Pooja says:

    The crafts look great!

  2. Salma says:

    These are all such great ideas! I think we’ll try the lantern soon. Glad to have you linking up to 3 Things Thursday!

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