2016 Word of Intention Web


2016 Word

I love New Year’s as a time to think about the coming year and where you want to go with it.  Like many others, one thing I do at this time is pick a word of intention to help guide me over the coming year.  For 2015 my word was create.  This year I have chosen the word inspire.

To further explore my intentions, I then take my word and expand on it.  Last year I drew a tree and wrote words and phrases that personally connected to create for me.

2015 Intention

This year I made a web.  First I mapped out all my words in pencil. Then I drew images I associated with each of the words around the word’s bubble.  It ended up being a bit of a big old (creative) mess so I decided that the original was my rough copy.  Next I wrote it out again but this time in ink.  The doodles around the words came from my personal iconography list and I also just made up other image associations.

2016 Word Work

Personal Iconography

I got the idea of making a Personal Iconography list from somewhere but I have searched all my books and can’t find the reference.  Hopefully I will find it in future so I can update here and share where I got the idea from.

The last step for my web may be adding colour.  I find colouring soothing so I may save that task to a day I need a bit of TLC/mental space time.  For now I just like contemplating all the inspiration I may get up to this year:)

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One Response to 2016 Word of Intention Web

  1. Arwyn says:

    Oh, I love it! My word for this year is yoga (and not just the physical practise). You have inspired me to add a deepening exploration of my thinking in my art journal. Thank you!

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