New Year’s Creations

Dancers 1 2 3This year the hubs and I continued with our New Year’s tradition of painting at home.  We actually painted for the first three nights of the new year because we were having so much fun with it.

I had put away my dancer mixed media paintings I was working on last year and had not touched them since.  This year I finished the three larger ones.

I hate faces so it was so stressful to work on that aspect.  They aren’t exactly what I had imagined in my head but they are still fun.

Dancer 1 Detail

This blue dancer is my least favourite of the three.  While I love the flow of her dress, I struggled with her background.  Each of the backgrounds has a theme.  Her theme is the prince.  That is what inspired me to include a frog, lily pads, and a crown.  I do like how the background colour comes through by her head and I love the effect of the circle stencil (it is raised because I used molding paste over the stencil).  I loved the stencil so much I decided to have it as a trait that all three of these bigger paintings would share.

Dancer 3 Detail


The red dress dancer was the background I struggled with the most and yet it ended up okay.  I must have done and redone this background a dozen times.  It was hard because I loved how her dress and hair turned out with the texturing of paint but then it was tricky to repaint the background around it without ruining that detailing.  Her theme was inspired by the king of hearts and so I chose peacock feathers, a ship, and a castle to detail this painting.

Dancer 2 Detail

The purple dancer is my favourite one because the background was the most organic.  It was the first and I had no idea where I was going to go with it.  I love how the rainbow underlay shows through.  I tried recreating this effect but never was able to get it to the same degree.  It’ll be something for me to work on another time.  This painting was inspired by the queen of hearts.  I felt drawn to butterflies and roses for her.

The last two dancer paintings are smaller but are still waiting to be completed.  We’ll see if I finish them up before next New Year’s.


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One Response to New Year’s Creations

  1. ailene says:

    Love your backgrounds!

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