The Creative Life Project: January

January: Preparation, Organization, and Creativity Jump Start

This month’s goals will help me enhance my creative space and time.

Monthly goals:
Prepare a plan for a creative year. Break my goals down into month chunks to try different things and to start fresh each month. Even if some months are write offs, the next month will begin and I can feel invigorated to start anew.

Remember birthdays. Organize my calendar better and have kids make cards to send out. Organization and creativity with the kids-double bonus! I’m going to try to continue this goal for each month of the year.

Make a space that is easy to create in. Clean up the office. If there is space to easily pull out creative supplies, I will be able to do art/write even in small amounts of time.
Make a life that is easy to create in. Clear out clutter. I find clutter distracting so it will help if it is minimized.

Organize plans in lists and keep them all in one place. List ideas for inspiration in the back of my journal. This list will give me ideas on days I don’t feel organically inspired to create. Also list interests for future research, words I like, etc (because I’m a geek like that:) These I will add to as inspired throughout the year.

Daily/weekly goals:
Do one creative thing daily. This idea is borrowed from The Happiness Project. A woman said she did one thing toward her goal daily. One small thing a day is manageable and even if I only keep this goal half the time, my creative engagement would greatly increase. This goal is going to continue each month for the year.

Keep a one sentence journal and affirmation book. Each day I will write a quick note about something I’m grateful for/a happy moment in the day/something the kids did or said/a question/a memory/etc. At the end of that comment, I will add an affirmation of a creative aspiration/truth I want to state for that day. This goal I am going to continue for as many months as it still works for me.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Once the kids are down, I’m so happy to have quiet me time that I often stay up later than I should. I pay for it the next morning. The plan is to be in bed by 9:30 and read or critique until 10. Then I’ll do M’s final breastfeed before lights out! This is a goal I’ll aim to do for the year (and will probably be the one I fail at the most:)


So far I’ve made my year plan, remembered birthdays (some cards were a bit late but the sentiment was still there:), and I’ve started clearing up clutter (hope to be done this weekend).  I’ve started my journal and made some lists, and I have been creative everyday in one form or another.  The going to bed at a reasonable hour, hasn’t happened yet once but it’s still a good goal to aspire to!

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One Response to The Creative Life Project: January

  1. Debra Shumaker says:

    Hi Ren! Love, love, love this. I really should try something like this myself!

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