Dragon Baby is Three


Q, my middle child, turned three yesterday.  Born in the year of the dragon, she is a force to be reckoned with both in her joy and in her frustration.  (If I am correct, she is supposedly a water dragon, but we haven’t seen any of that temperance yet…)

A recent occurrence in skating is a perfect example of Q’s personality.  In the October/November classes that we attended, she spent her time almost exclusively crawling on the ice.  If the instructor said to stand, Q would sit.  If she said to form a circle, Q would crawl off in the opposite direction.  Something about skating made Q two in the fullest sense of the terrible twos.

We took a break over the holidays and I decided to try again this January.  She went off with the instructor to join her little group.  She looked around at her classmates, bent her knee, and got to standing.  She proceeded to skate circles around the other kids for the rest of the lesson.  She wasn’t perfect.  She fell.  A lot.  But she would immediately get up and start skating again.  Falling didn’t faze her in the least.

I was the parent watching from the stands with my jaw dropped.  My kid just did a total 180.  Well, she’s still not listening to the instructor so that hasn’t changed but she went from crawling on the ice to full on skating in the space of a month without lessons.  She was gliding.  She was pivoting.  She was amazing.

I know what the change was.  It was her will.  She had decided, in her own time and when she was ready, to skate.  And she did.  My Q is now a skater.

There is a lesson from this experience for me to learn about how to best support and love my Q.  She was showing me what kind of learner she is.  She will learn things and learn them well, but on her schedule and in her way.

As a mama who is also a determined dragon, I think there may be some fire breathing contests between us two in the future.  I try, however, to remember that what makes Q frustrating at times is also what makes her such a delight.  Faces light up when Q enters a room and this has been true since she was under one.   She is a force of extreme passion and of intense delight.  Our little fireball lights up the lives of all those she comes into contact with and we, of course, are the most blessed.

Watch out world, here comes our Q.

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  1. Danielle says:

    Love this!

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