The Creative Life Project: January Review of Progress


January’s Progress

Preparation, Organization, and Creativity Jump Start

This month’s goals were designed to help me enhance my creative space and time.  So how did I do?

Monthly goals:
Prepare a plan for a creative year. Check!  I wrote up a plan for each month and have steps laid out to move toward achieving that month’s goals.

Remember birthdays.  Check!  The kids and I made and mailed cards for all our January birthdays.  C especially enjoyed writing his name on them and Q, not to be outdone,  signed her own Q and then attempted the rest in squiggles:)

Make a space that is easy to create in. Check!  The office is now clean.  I have a surface to work on and I can easily pull out my supplies from the art caddy.  We also got rid of a bunch of other stuff so that clearing up doesn’t take so long.  I love organizing so this was actually so fun (I know, I’m such a geek:)

Organize plans in lists and keep them all in one place. Check! My lists helped on days I didn’t feel so inspired, especially for drawing.  For example, one thing on my list was owls.  So one day I drew and painted cartoon-like owls.  I went from not so motivated to creating.

Daily/weekly goals:
Do one creative thing dailyCheck!  As “Being Ren” involves an eclectic range of creative outlets, my “one creative thing daily” held a range of activities.  I drew, I painted, I wrote, I critiqued, I blogged.  Since I kept the time frame manageable (minimum of 15 minutes daily), it was very achievable.  Some days I only did 15 minutes, other days I managed an hour.  If 15 minutes didn’t allow me to finish a task, I just picked it up from where I left off on the next day.

Keep a one sentence journal and affirmation book. Partial check.  I didn’t do this daily but I did it often and was reminded how much I miss journalling.  It was nice to journal though I’m not sure it serves me to do it daily in a religious fashion.  I did enjoy doing it more often though.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Dismal fail:(  I think I managed this only twice over the whole month.  Lol!  Good thing it’s a year long goal, it gives me lots of time to keep working on it.

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