Creative Kids: Valentine’s Day Cards 2016


It’s that time of year again and we are busily making our Valentine’s cards.  We are going really simple this year as there are some other things that have come up.

To begin, I cut white scrapbook paper into six rectangles.  Then I had the kids help me glue on big letter “U”s.  Above I wrote “My (heart sticker) is stuck on” in Sharpe.  I added “To:” and “From:” and some red dots along one side of the “U”.

The kids then decorated by adding some heart stickers to the “U” and stamping a heart on either side of it.  Remember that part about keeping it simple, well that was it for the card creation itself.


The labour part has been writing the names.  As C is starting kindergarten in the fall, I wanted the cards to be a chance for us to really practice his letters together, especially writing his name.  One teaching trick to help scaffold writing is to write a word in yellow highlighter and then have the children write over the letters.  That’s what C and I have been doing for his friends’ names.  Then he has signed his name by himself at the bottom of each card.

As C doesn’t have a lot of endurance for fine motor tasks, we’ve just been doing a couple of cards a day.  The great thing about doing them slowly is we’ve really been able to work on proper printing practice.  We start each letter from the top.  We practice trying to make them similar size.  We talk about how each letter is formed and the sound each makes.  C struggles with proper pencil grip so we’ve been using a pencil called a Twist n’ Write that is designed to make you use a tripod grip (the pink pencil in the pic above).  He’s still managing to avoid it if I’m not diligent in watching:)  All in all though, it’s been a great learning experience for us both.

What I didn’t expect was how into the printing Q would be.  She actually asks to work on the cards without prompting and we’ve been practicing how to spell her name as well (I write it in highlighter and she traces it).  She’s even been making connections between letters in her name and the same letters in other children’s names.  I’m pretty impressed with that for a just turned 3 year old (yeah, a bit of a braggy mom moment there:)

As the last step, we are stapling heart stickers on the cards to give to their classmates.  Since they are in the same class at daycare, I just figured we’d give out one card from the both of them…kind of cheeky I know, but it’s going to be the only year I get to do it so I’m going for it!

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