Creative Kids: Marine Rainbow: Crabs

Crab pic

My kids love going to the beach and learning about ocean life.  We needed a new display for our window so I figured a rainbow of marine creatures would be fun and brighten up our sun room.

Crab collage

For red, we created crabs.  We painted paper plates red to start (and of course, Q had to paint herself too).  Once dry, we folded them in half and the kids glued in pre-cut legs (they helped cut some of the strips), claws, and eyes.  Then we folded the plate over and glued it in half.  The glue wasn’t holding fast enough so I stapled the plates a couple of times to help it all stay together.

To create an environment for the crabs, I had the kids cut rocks (circles)  and seaweed (strips) from construction paper.  I cut the little blue bubbles:)

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