Creative Kids: Marine Rainbow: Clown Fish


Red and Orange pic

We added orange to our marine rainbow this week.  Nemo has two little fans in our house so of course we went with the clown fish.

Painting this plate had an added fun aspect because I put tape on before the kids painted the plates orange. Then they peeled off the tape to reveal the stripes-so fun!  I had them peel the tape when the paint was still a bit wet because I was afraid it would be hard to get off with dried paint on it too.  A bit messy but I think it was a good call.

Clown Fish Collage

After dried, I cut a triangle out for the mouth.  That triangle then became the perfect tail.  I’ve done something similar in the classroom years ago (though not with the tape stripes-definitely going to do that in the future).  Next the kids glued pre-cut fins on the back.  I also had them glue one fin and a google eye to the front for some added texture.

To finish up, the kids drew lines with a Sharpe to make the details pop a bit.  We added some rock and seaweed environment to a second window too.  There are more colours to come…we will need more space.

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2 Responses to Creative Kids: Marine Rainbow: Clown Fish

  1. elaanmarie says:

    I’m assuming you used paper plates? What kind of tape did you use?

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