Creative Life Project: February’s Progress

February's Progress

February’s goals were to help me increase my energy and feel more positive about myself which were (hopefully) translate into more energy and desire to create.  There were several things that came to pass in this month that I didn’t see happening when I started.  My grandma died at the end of January, we sold our house, and we bought a new one.  It’s been a little busy and, needless to say, some things got a little side-lined.

Monthly goals:
Remember birthdays.  Check!  Again some were late BUT they all got sent out eventually!

Daily/weekly goals:
Do one creative thing dailyMostly check.  There were only a couple of days I didn’t do something creative.

Keep a one sentence journal and affirmation book. Partial check.  I started off strong at the beginning of the month and then I didn’t want to write anymore for a bit.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Dismal fail.  However, the few times I did do it, I felt like a whole new person.  I will keep aiming for this…

Exercise three times per week doing exercises I enjoyMostly check. I think one week I only managed two workouts but the rest of the weeks I swung three for three:)

Drink 6-8 cups of waterPartial check.  Another one I started off strong but didn’t quite reach.  I was more conscious of trying to increase my water intake though and did drink more on the whole but not 6-8 cups daily.  I’m just not that thirsty!

Eat a piece of fruit daily. Partial check.  Again strong start, poor finish.  I’m just a veg girl and I think I’m going to be ok with that.

Act more energetic. Check.  I realized I do this every bloody day.  Lol.  Every day there is a point that I am exhausted but have to pull some energy out of somewhere and I do.  So triple check on this one.  I’ll use the bonus points here to cover some of the partial checks on the others:)

As for this current month, my Mindful March plan could not have come at a better time.  Stress levels have been a bit high and it is perfect to make myself create space for some calming moments each day.  We’ll see how much I succeed amidst all the boxes I’m going to have to pack.  Still in denial about packing but I’m going to have to face reality soon as we have to be out before the end of this month!

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